Potato species at Botanical Garden of Nijmegen

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The Botanical Garden of the University of Nijmegen pays special attention to the family of Solanaceae, and maintains an extensive plant collection of non-tuberous Solanaceae species. For the current document only potato species (Solanum section Petota) were selected and their passport data listed. For images links to the web-site of the Botanical Garden are being used.

924750197 Solanum acaule Bitter
894750019 Solanum acaule Bitter ssp. acaule
934750049 Solanum acaule Bitter ssp. acaule
934750095 Solanum acaule Bitter ssp. aemulans Hawkes et Hjerting
924750001 Solanum ajanhuiri Juz. et Bukasov
904750168 Solanum brevidens Phil.
924750177 Solanum brevidens Phil.
934750023 Solanum brevidens Phil.
804750177 Solanum bukasovii Juz.
NIJ-H01704 Solanum bulbocastanum Dunal
804750115 Solanum canasense Hawkes
894750282 Solanum commersonii Dunal
NIJ-H01842 Solanum demissum Lindl.
914750143 Solanum fernandezianum Phil.
904750201 Solanum fraxinifolium Dunal
B14750110 Solanum juglandifolium Dunal
904750259, 974750090 and NIJ-H01179 Solanum lesteri Hawkes et Hjerting
974750091 Solanum lesteri Hawkes et Hjerting
964750126 Solanum lycopersicoides Dunal
974750142 Solanum lycopersicoides Dunal
NIJ-H00669 Solanum lycopersicoides Dunal
804750174 Solanum microdontum Bitter ssp. gigantophyllum (Bitter) Hawkes et Hjerting
A04750308 Solanum microdontum Bitter ssp. gigantophyllum (Bitter) Hawkes et Hjerting
A74750052 Solanum ochranthum Dunal
A74750053 Solanum ochranthum Dunal
A74750054 Solanum ochranthum Dunal
NIJ-H01254 Solanum ochranthum Dunal
NIJ-H01796 Solanum oxycarpum Schiede
804750192 Solanum polytrichon Rydb.
804750206 Solanum stoloniferum Schltdl.
804750250 Solanum stoloniferum Schltdl.
914750150 Solanum tuberosum L.
914750151 Solanum tuberosum L.
914750152 Solanum tuberosum L.
914750203 Solanum tuberosum L.
924750138 Solanum tuberosum L.
NIJ-H00063 Solanum tuberosum L.
NIJ-H00067 Solanum tuberosum L.
NIJ-H00711 Solanum verrucosum Schltdl.
NIJ-H01798 Solanum verrucosum Schltdl.

Last updated 12/2/2013. Comments and questions to: Roel Hoekstra.
Centre for Genetic Resources the Netherlands (CGN), Wageningen, the Netherlands.